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Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Challenge Check-in #10

Hello all,

  I hope that everyone is having a great week. It's hard to believe that August is here. All of my writing this week was focused on my term paper for my Library Management class. If you have any questions about Bookmobiles, I'm your girl!

  I also requested all of the Texas Bluebonnet books and 2 X 2 Reading list books that I haven't gotten to yet from the library, so I should be working my way through the rest of those this month. So far, I've read half of the Bluebonnet list (10 out of 20 books) and 16 out of 20 of the 2 X 2 list.

  Hope everyone is making lots of progress on their reading and writing challenges!
  Take care, McCourt

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