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Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Challenge - Last Check-in

Hi everyone!

Happy Labor Day! I hope that y'all are all enjoying the day. I can't believe we are at the end of summer. Of course, school started for the kids and myself within the last couple of weeks, but we are already appreciating the three-day weekend.

How did you do on the summer reading and writing challenge? I finished all the books on the 2 X 2 Reading List and have two more to go on the Bluebonnet list. Hopefully I'll finished one of those tonight, and then I've only got one more to squeeze in this week. The reading challenge was more difficult than I expected, mostly because I kept getting distracted by other books that intrigued me along the way. But I definitely enjoyed a lot of the books on the Bluebonnet list, ones that I might not have read without the challenge. So I am grateful for it.

As far as my manuscript goes, I'm almost finished with the first draft! I was hoping to be done by today, but I've reset my goal to my birthday later this month. It will be a nice present to myself to get my first draft finished. I'm actually looking forward to revising.

I hope that you are all happy with the progress you've made this summer. Thanks for joining me in this challenge!

Take care, McCourt

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