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Monday, October 19, 2015

Life is a little busy...

Hello everyone,

I realized that I didn't want my blog to be one of those that is just forgotten and lingering in cyberspace. However, life has gotten a little too busy for me to maintain a regular blog for now.

This blog was started as part of an assignment for my Library and Information Science degree from TWU. The good news is… I graduated! I now have my Masters Degree. Not only that, I got a job as a Children's and Teen Librarian. So I am very grateful.

I may return to this blog for another purpose at some point, but for now, I am busy trying to make my Children's and Teen department awesome at our library.

I truly thank those of you who read my posts, my assignments, and the information on literacy that I shared.

Keep reading and writing!
Take care, McCourt

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  1. And we know you will make it awesome, McCourt! If you ever reboot here, be sure to let us know!